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Create, modify, and deploy annual reports
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Automatically organize data into an annual report. Select one of the templates for document presentation or create a new one and combine numbers from several sources, import Company Master Data through CIN, formulate standard passages, and customize the content. Save files as XBRL documents.

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XBRL is a Complete Software Solution for Preparation & Filing of Annual Report in XBRL format.
- Automatic import of Company Master Data through CIN.
- No need for time consuming & error prone repunching.
- Imports Balance Sheet in Excel (prepared in various ways) to software.
- Easy tagging of data through Balance Sheet & Profit & Loss A/c in Tree View.
- Tagging of financial data for Current Year and Previous Year with taxonomy in one go.
- Tagging of Non Financial data i.e. Auditor’s Report, Directors Report etc. in a simple manner.
- In built Validations at entry level to prevent data entry errors.
- Generation of XBRL Instance Document.
- Automatic Validation of XBRL Instance Document by MCA Validation Tool.
- Facility for Back up & Restoration of Data.
- Facility for Live updates.

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